A New Way to Celebrate Christmas – Gift Cards for All!

November 23, 2020

Christmas is time to gather together and celebrate together – except this year.

Usually, around this time, our private rooms are booked clear through to January. But not in 2020. Instead, all those Christmas parties are being put off till next year in hopes that everything will settle down and we can go back to celebrating the way we’re used to.

But that doesn’t our party-loving patrons right now, does it?

So, we decided something needed to be done and it obviously had to include champagne.

Celebrate with free champagne at the Water Tower!

Before we get to everything else, let’s start with the most important thing: free bubbly.

When we were thinking about how to help you create an office or personal Christmas party, gift cards were the obvious idea. After all, gift cards are a popular present with or without our current unwelcome guest, ie: COVID-19.

But, it just didn’t feel special enough – and here at The Water Tower we like to think we specialize in special.

So, the ideas kept churning until one of our employees came up with the best idea since we all went into lock down: free champagne.

What could be more celebratory?

Gift Cards to celebrate your employees

Of course, we can’t just hand out cases of free bubbly to everyone (no matter how much we want to). So the next step was, how does the free champagne come into the whole equation?

Here goes…

For every $1000 you spend on gift cards, you get one free bottle of champagne.

How does that sound?

Effervescent, probably.

Purchase bulk gift cards now!

Finding reasons to celebrate

It can be hard to find places to celebrate right now. But at the Water Tower, we try to keep the celebration happening even while meeting Canada’s health guidelines.

With the gift of a Water Tower gift card, you can share the joy we foster up here above it all – giving your friends, family or employees a chance to escape from their home and go all-out for a full meal with all the dressings.

Who knows, they might just get some free champagne of their own to celebrate.

Give a gift (card) today

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Lethbridge Water Tower Restaurant Gift Cards

Give The Gift Of Connection

Give the gift of good food and a great view with a gift card from the Water Tower Grill. From a romantic evening for a lucky couple, to a simple thank you beer for your neighbour –  we’ve got every occasion covered.

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