Changing lives in Ukraine

November 9, 2022

At the Water Tower we’re an international bunch, hailing from all over the world, including Ukraine. So when the war in Ukraine broke out, it hit close to home. 

With friends and family still there, we couldn’t just sit and do nothing. So, we got together and came up with an idea that would help the Ukrainians stuck in their war-torn country. We created a unique Ukrainian Pride margarita and donated the proceeds to a family in Ukraine.

While we featured the drink, we were able to sell 356 Ukrainian Pride margaritas and raise $2000, which we recently sent to Ukraine!

Svitlana & Vitaly, both originally from Ukraine, along with everyone at the Water Tower would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Lethbridge community, both to those who purchased a Ukrainian Pride Margarita and those who helped spread the word. 

“Your kindness has been felt across the world!” Svitlana said.

Our community in Ukraine

At the Water Tower, we have deep ties to Ukraine. Not only do we employ people who have recently moved from the country, including Svitlana and Vitaly, but the co-owner of the restaurant, Olga, is also from Ukraine. 

So, from the very beginning of this conflict, we’ve been watching closely and hoping that both family and friends back in Ukraine have been able to stay safe. 

while these close ties have made reading the news more difficult, they also allowed us to give in a more personal, effective way.

Where the donations went

Many of the donations given across the world have gone to large, multinational NGOs. They have been able to help people in Ukraine get access to food, water and shelter when it was in short supply. 

However, because of our close ties to the community, we thought it would be more effective to bypass the middleman and donate money directly to the people stuck living in the conflict zone.

So, we gave the money we collected directly to a Ukrainian family who has been displaced by the current war. The result has been life-changing. The family has used this money for living and medical expenses that we often take for granted in Canada.

Thank you, Lethbridge

We are honoured both by the kindness of our customers and our community here in Lethbridge. And we are overjoyed that we are able, because of that kindness, to help our community back in Ukraine.

Thank you so much, Lethbridge!

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