Cocktail Hour

November 2, 2020

Sure, you could try to push through that mid-afternoon lull with yet another cup of coffee, but do you really want to? Why not come to The Water Tower instead for our new Cocktail Hour?

From 3-6 p.m. every day, we’ll be featuring cocktails along with tapas and other drink specials so you can spice up your afternoon with good friends and gorgeous high rise views.

Daily Drink Specials

Key to our new Cocktail Hour is our highball and cocktail specials. A mere $6 opens a whole menu full of possibilities. 

Your options start with a variety of high-quality highballs, including Ketel One Vodka & Soda, Crown & Coke, or the beautiful Empress Gin & Tonic. But, they don’t end there.

Of course, if you prefer a rosé-ier drink, we’re including our house white, red and rosé in on the deal. That’s just $6 for a glass to sip with your favourite friends!

The jewel of our cocktail hour is our daily special. For the same great price, you get a new craft cocktail option every single day.

  • Monday we feature our multifaceted Mojito in three flavours – traditional lime, surprising peach, and local Haskap.
  • Tuesday we keep it fresh with our Margarita – frozen or on the rocks. Much like our Mojito, we give you options with flavours as well, including lime, peach, and mango.
  • Wednesday we go old school with Old Fashioneds the way great-great-grandpa drank them: whiskey, simple syrup, bitters, and ice, baby, ice.
  • Thursday we go Mad Men-style with vodka Martinis – but with a Water Tower flavour twist! Options include peach, mango and guava.
  • Friday we embody ‘Mother-Russia’ with spicy Moscow Mules with our own twist – vodka, lime, housemade ginger syrup and Sommersby for the bubbles.
  • Saturday we return to the classics with your choice of whiskey, brandy or tequila sours. It’s the weekend, so why not try all three?
  • Sunday we relax and lean into both red and white sangria.

Having a hard time picking your day? We totally understand, which is why we recommend coming in every day of the week.

And don’t think we missed out on beer either, For just a buck more, you can get a Steigl Gold or Fruli Strawberry, for whatever mood you’re feeling.

The simple joy of tapas

Every good drink deserves a partner, and we don’t mean just another round. To make sure your cocktail has its own sidekick, our daily Cocktail Hour also includes tapas specials. While we won’t get into every tapas plate offered, we will tell you we’ve featured recipes from around the world, so you can find your perfect cocktail partner no matter which cuisine you prefer.

The perfect hour is cocktail hour

We may be biased, well, we are biased, but Cocktail Hour is one of our favourite hours – period. From the deals to the relaxed atmosphere as patrons sip their drinks and chat with old friends and new, the vibe up high is unmatched.

So next time you’re feeling those dreaded afternoon doldrums, spice up your day with a visit us to the Water Tower for Cocktail Hour!

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