Jazz Night at The Water Tower

October 30, 2020

Maybe we’ve been watching too much Mad Men, but lately, we’ve found ourselves longing for a little ‘old school cool’ here at the Water Tower Grill & Bar.

That’s why we started our Jazz Night, featuring live musicians and our menu full of classic cocktails and creative appetizers. 

Apparently, we’re not the only ones searching for a little extra swing in our lives, as the last Jazz Night went so well, we’ve decided to make it a regular event here at The Water Tower. That means if you missed it the first time around, you’ll have more chances to experience Lethbridge’s only Jazz Night.

When is The Water Tower ‘swinging from the chandeliers’?

We’re hosting different jazz bands every second Wednesday, from 6 pm to closing time for the rest of the year. 

Currently, we have Jazz Nights planned for:

  • November 18
  • December 2
  • December 16

However, depending on holidays, etc., there are a few exceptions that might change future dates. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest Jazz Night (and other special event) updates for our restaurant in the sky.

Cocktail hour

So, obviously, Jazz Night is an after dark, ‘lights down low’ kind of event. But, that doesn’t mean you should roll in late. In fact, we recommend getting here a little early, because when the band gets on stage at 6, cocktail hour, tragically, ends.

However, if you arrive early, you can enjoy rotating drink specials, along with discounts on appetizers and quality highballs, including:

  • Empress Gin & Tonic
  • Crown & Coke
  • Ketel One & Soda

So, come early and get comfy with a cocktail (or two) before the set.

The band

Of course, the most important part of Jazz Night is jazz. To make sure we present you with music worthy of the elevator trip, we’re currently looking for great bands to add to our rotating roster.

This will keep Jazz Night fresh, allowing our patrons to take a tour through the depth of talent in Lethbridge.

Join us next month for Jazz Night

Whether you want to come as you are, or add a little spice to the night by channelling Miles Davis and dressing up, we’d love to host you. 

With delicious cocktails, great jazz, and a view that can’t be beat, we think you’ll enjoy our jazz night from the bottom of your glass – we mean heart.

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