Kitchen takeover at The Water Tower

May 25, 2023

The worst part of just about every food show ever is that you can’t taste the food.

Get ready to change that.

Christian Pritchard, a regular on cooking shows, is taking over our kitchen on June 8, trotting out his favourite recipes using local ingredients and a lot of creativity. 

For more information or to buy tickets, head over to the events page.

Who is Christian Pritchard?

A Canadian chef that makes the rounds on all the major, Canadian networks, Christian Pritchard has made his fare share of mouth-watering meals on live television. Specializing in Italian food and groceries, Christian has made stupendous insalatas on CBC, and peerless pastas on Global.

Chances are, if you’re a fan of Steven and Chris on CBC, you’ve drooled over at least on of Christian’s dishes.

What’s the event?

June is Italian Heritage Month, and Christian Pritchard is a chef who loves to celebrate Italian food. Put the two together, and you get an evening you’ll remember.

On June 8, Christian will come on up to The Water Tower and take over our whole kitchen. He’ll teach our chefs some new tricks and a list of new dishes that have never graced out tables before, giving guests the chance to taste something truly unique.

But, seeing that it’s Italian Heritage Month, we’re not going to stop there.

We’ll be matching delicious wines with each of Christian’s dishes to really bring Tuscany to Lethbridge.

We’ll sell tickets for the event, which will take up both of our dining floors.

To make sure you don’t miss out, follow us on Instagram where we’ll let you know the dates and how to buy a ticket.

Spring means fresh

The leaves are finally coming out, transforming the city (and our patio).

As we all look forward to summer, and those endless days, our farmers and producers are looking forward to harvest.

In fact, as we speak we’ve got local producers looking forward to fresh produce we just couldn’t get through the winter. And we’re super excited to be working with fresh, local produce once again.

For more information or to buy tickets, head over to the events page.

Our farm-to-fork food partners

Of course, we don’t work with just anyone with a tractor and a few seeds. We’ve been here long enough to separate that wheat from the chaff (metaphorically speaking). After over a decade in the food business here in southern Alberta, we found food partners that have elevated our game and our dishes simply be delivering the best ingredients we could get our hands on.

Benchmark Beef is a long-time partner with us. Back before the Telegraph and the Water Tower joined the Butte Hospitality family, we worked with the amazing people at Benchmark Beef to source the best steaks available in this province (according to us).

Bootsma Bakery supplies all of our bread, from the Water Tower to Cattlemen’s Chophouse. Dutch roots go deep in southern Alberta, and Bootsma pulls on that heritage to craft delicious bread.

Crystal Springs Cheese is quickly become a favourite here, with a range of fresh cheeses that are good enough to keep with the Europeans.

Phoenix Farms has been supplying the Butte family of restaurants with fresh haskaps for our salads and desserts for a few years now. Their haskaps remain a perpetual inspiration in the kitchen as we stew them into coulis or mix them into vinaigrettes.

For more information or to buy tickets, head over to the events page.

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