Respecting Our Roots With Southern Alberta Steak

February 23, 2021

Mention Southern Alberta almost anywhere in the world and one of the first topics to the tongue is steak.

It makes sense – we’ve been ranchers around these parts for generations, and that means we know a thing or two about what it takes to make good steak. And we’re not just talking about grilling them up either. From understanding the best practices to raise cattle, to breeding the best genes, we think of ourselves as ‘cattle connoisseurs’. 

Ben’s Quality Meats – Our quality source for steak

Our first restaurant was, and still is, located in Picture Butte – the midst of cattle country.

Naturally, we knew we had to have steak – and not just any steak. We’d be competing with steaks cooked at home by ranchers. We knew they’d have access to the best meat available and decades of experience grilling it to perfection. 

How do you compete with that?

Our answer was to go straight to the source, to the local cattlemen that had run, raised and bred cattle for years. 

Lucky for us, our neighbours are Ben’s Quality Meats, a local ranch and butcher shop.

They’ve been in the area for generations, breeding and butchering cattle to create the best steak they could.

So, we sat down with them to talk beef. What we came away with is a long-term friendship and business partnership that has put the best steak in Alberta at the hands of every one of our chefs.

That quality of food makes it easy for us. All we have to do it respect the meat. And we strive to do this every day, with every steak.

Steak that stacks up against the world

As we expanded into Lethbridge to the Telegraph Taphouse and the Watertower Grill & Bar, we knew we wanted to offer something unique. So, we reached our arms wide to the international culinary world, pulling inspiration from around the globe.

We’ve sourced some of the best chefs from around the world to create some of the best food in Lethbridge – some that you can’t even get in Calgary.

We’re proud of that.

But for us, international means more than just looking abroad for great food. After all, we have an amazing culinary tradition right here in Southern Alberta that would be criminal to ignore.

Our tradition doesn’t start in the kitchen – but in our wide open prairies and our nutrient-rich pastures.

Raised right here in Southern Alberta

It’s too easy to forget where you’ve come from as you pursue success. But, we believe that it’s our roots, from the buildings we occupy to the stories of owners and employees, that guide our journey.

That’s why we still serve beef and steak from Ben’s Quality Meats. Not only do we know that they deliver some of the finest cuts of steak, but we know the person behind their counter, the delivery person who brings it into town, and the family that started – and still runs their ranch and butcher shop.

So while we’ll never stop looking abroad to find new tastes and dishes to create for our patrons, we’ll never forget where we came from.

Don’t settle for steakhouse chains

We still sigh a little bit when we see the internet declaring certain chain restaurants as ‘The Best Steak in Lethbridge.’ Sure, they know their business and have been doing it a long time, but it just doesn’t feel right to go to a B.C. chain to eat steak. 

Or, at least we don’t think so.

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