Welcome Back to the Water Tower Grill & Bar

November 28, 2020

We’ve missed you Lethbridge!

The Water Tower has been dark and cold without you here. It’s just been Ram and Olga sitting alone looking out over Lethbridge, hoping and planning for a return to some sense of normalcy.

With that in mind, we are overjoyed to announce we are reopening May 14, 2020.

Of course, not everything is going to be the same.

Just like life, The Water Tower won’t be back to normal for quite some time. But, we are going to be cooking the same great food, and offering the same great drinks, high above Lethbridge once again.

As we re-open, we’ll be making changes to ensure everyone who comes through our doors, from guests to servers, stays as safe as possible.

Reservations Recommended

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice as soon as you come into the restaurant is our reduced seating capacity.

Due to new safety requirements, and our dedication to flattening the curve, our tables need to maintain a certain distance from each other. So, fewer people can fit inside our space.

What that means for you is that space in our dining room will fill up very fast, so we strongly recommend making a reservation before you come in. Taking that extra step will also be a huge help to us as we work to create a safe, enjoyable atmosphere in our restaurants. By making that reservation, you give us a better understanding of how each day will look.

This will allow us to find the balance we need during this tumultuous time, and ease tensions as we try to find a new normal.

Make Your Reservation Now.

A New Menu

One of the silver linings of this downtime is that we were able to take time and craft a whole new menu for The Water Tower Grill & Bar.

We’ve kept many of our fan-favourites, like our Steak Sandwich and the Salmon and Beet Salad. But, when you return, you’ll find them joined by brand new offerings we hope will become equally beloved!

Because of our dedication to staying local, this new menu started with phone calls and Zoom meetings with local producers. We’ve partnered with Local Farms, to bring in fresh, local flavours that will keep our surrounding farming community prospering, and our guests happy with the quality of our ingredients. With these new ingredients and renewed inspiration, our chef has worked hard to create new dishes featuring these local products.

It was a fun, creative process as we worked our way through dish iterations to create plates we are proud of. Now that we’re opening, we are very excited to start delivering them to our guests in-house for some real, live, in-person smiles!

It’s All About You

The overarching realization we’ve come to during this break is that The Water Tower, at the end of it all, is not about Ram and Olga, it’s not about the building, the decor, or even the menu – it’s about you. Our team welcomes and feeds you because we care about putting a smile on your face.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Make Your Reservation Now.

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